Saturday, February 18, 2012

so for a long time now i have not written in this blog. my many thoughts have been many other places but on this page. but i must do it again. i miss it and want to look back at this page and see the things i do and the places i go.

this is going to be an exciting year and lots of many things happening so...




.. i will remember to post.. i will remember to post..

today has been exciting.
started the day off with a bike ride to Findlay Market
my journey began with the excitement of
one getting a new bike
two the day has been beautiful
three i wanted to smoke some pork today
and four i wanted to enjoy a day off

my weeks tend to be long but entertaining

Findlay market today was a great adventure. our mission was to get a pork shoulder and smoke that bad boy all day. along with the pork we grilled zucchini, loaded baked potatoes and some delicious garlic bread.

the day ended with a nice cup of coffee and some banana pudding along with a great childhood favorite

it is always interesting to see a movie now that you haven't seen in 10+ years..lots of things. i forgot about

tomorrow will be exciting because we are going to Susie's favorite restaurant for brunch


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