Wednesday, June 22, 2011

..where i am now..

of course i would love to be on the computer posting everyday but it is nearly impossible for me. 

this warm weather has once again taken me outside to beautify my yard and bbq several times a week :)

i have enjoyed the sun more frequently lately allowing me to do some projects outside the house that have been a priority for a while. pictures to come soon...

so i think i could boil my life down into this right now. not much job stress but plenty of work. 

if i am not working at either of my jobs i am working at home on some project. it seems like though my schedule has been jammed full and very few days off work. this week has been a little nicer with some time to breath in between work. i have got to enjoy landscaping around the front of the house some. work on my garage. paint some chairs in the back and especially enjoy barbecuing several times a week.

at night i have actually had some time to sit back with susie and enjoy a few shows and a couple good movies. i really enjoyed a suspense.thriller.drama.romance the other night called "the next three days" with russell crowe and liam neesen 

all in all i think that god has been giving me lots of energy to work and lots of energy to think. 

i am feeling good about life but am continually missing youth. there is a bittersweet feeling i get each week with where we are right now. 

i am at the point now where i am over the stress of the previous church and now feel like i am healing and learning more about who i am and really listening for God and where he wants to use us. 

lets put it this way. i am praying every minute that God uses me to His fullest and not what will only please me but Him to the fullest!

with that i am putting plenty of fillers back out there to see what is next and allowing God to work through me in whatever situation but looking for where He may be calling us next to go. 

at this point i have not felt like he has a set place for us and that is frustrating times because it is almost like i am in a holding tank trying to get comfortable but there is not enough room and i feel out of place. so it is frustrating because i want to settle down but i think God is preparing a way for us as we speak. 

it is comforting to know that susie is open to pretty much wherever God can use us most.

so ...where i am now... is at a point of rest. re cooperation. searching. listening. obeying. loving. nurturing. forgiving. and open

i know that i can trust God to lead us to a place of comfort. peace. fruitful. eventful. worship. content.

here is a verse that i love and helps me continue to remember God is in control and takes care of me every day and every way. 

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  1. I was just wondering if this blog was ever going to get updated..?