Tuesday, February 21, 2012

..Susie's birthday..

so i decided to be creative and try something new

i saw an idea of creating a "book lamp"

i went to a thrift store and searched for a lamp and some books.

my idea was to get some books that the author or title would line up with our names. i found two books right away with susanna and grace but could not find either of my names. the search was on, i almost got to the point where i was simply going to change my idea then i found the books.

i then headed home to play around with the ideas.

i got the drill out and a 1" bit to see if this plan would work.

after a few different ways of thinking how to put these books on the lamp i had to splice the cord and add them all on at once.

this was a fun project and am excited to see what others think.


i was really excited about the bulb because i love the vintage Edison bulb.

now all I want to do is a cool wire shade complete it.


..man time..

first we started out on a journey to get a pork butt.

Chris and i headed on our bikes to Findlay market where we would stop by a local meat counter and purchase a 6 lb butt, bread, and spices.

it was a beautiful saturday with the sun shining and the cool fresh air

when we returned home the fun was about to start..

i rubbed a paprika,sugar,brown sugar,garlic, and other spices on it from Findlay Market

one was called OTR rub and the other I mixed with was butt rub

i set up two different piles of coal and started the coal to let it warm up and placed a dutch oven with apple juice in it under where the butt was going to be on the grill.

while the butt cooks the apple juice will continue to keep the butt moist by evaporating into the meat

i then placed it on the grill and closed the lid for and regulated the smoke and t emperature for the next 8 hours

in the mean time i cut zucchini and baked potatoes

i loaded the potatoes up with garlic,butter,cheese, and pepper then baked them for about 45 min

I got a loaf of french bread ready to bake when everything was finishing up

.i believe it was a success.

..man time..

Saturday, February 18, 2012


so for a long time now i have not written in this blog. my many thoughts have been many other places but on this page. but i must do it again. i miss it and want to look back at this page and see the things i do and the places i go.

this is going to be an exciting year and lots of many things happening so...




.. i will remember to post.. i will remember to post..

today has been exciting.
started the day off with a bike ride to Findlay Market
my journey began with the excitement of
one getting a new bike
two the day has been beautiful
three i wanted to smoke some pork today
and four i wanted to enjoy a day off

my weeks tend to be long but entertaining

Findlay market today was a great adventure. our mission was to get a pork shoulder and smoke that bad boy all day. along with the pork we grilled zucchini, loaded baked potatoes and some delicious garlic bread.

the day ended with a nice cup of coffee and some banana pudding along with a great childhood favorite

it is always interesting to see a movie now that you haven't seen in 10+ years..lots of things. i forgot about

tomorrow will be exciting because we are going to Susie's favorite restaurant for brunch