Tuesday, February 21, 2012

..man time..

first we started out on a journey to get a pork butt.

Chris and i headed on our bikes to Findlay market where we would stop by a local meat counter and purchase a 6 lb butt, bread, and spices.

it was a beautiful saturday with the sun shining and the cool fresh air

when we returned home the fun was about to start..

i rubbed a paprika,sugar,brown sugar,garlic, and other spices on it from Findlay Market

one was called OTR rub and the other I mixed with was butt rub

i set up two different piles of coal and started the coal to let it warm up and placed a dutch oven with apple juice in it under where the butt was going to be on the grill.

while the butt cooks the apple juice will continue to keep the butt moist by evaporating into the meat

i then placed it on the grill and closed the lid for and regulated the smoke and t emperature for the next 8 hours

in the mean time i cut zucchini and baked potatoes

i loaded the potatoes up with garlic,butter,cheese, and pepper then baked them for about 45 min

I got a loaf of french bread ready to bake when everything was finishing up

.i believe it was a success.

..man time..

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  1. lookin good broski. I wish I could have had some!