Tuesday, May 17, 2011

..susie's graduation..

YAY!! the day has come. we are both finished with college and stress free at this point. 

saturday.may 15. 2011. susie graduated college from Cincinnati Christian University with a degree in History. everyone that attends CCU gets a biblical studies degree but susies was practically history. she took every history class that CCU offered and more. it was exciting for me to hear about all that she learned through the many courses. 

one year ago i graduated from there with a degree in Urban and Intercultural Studies. 

i really feel that we have both been blessed to attend such an excellent school. now CCU is not a top notch school for academics or anything but i feel that we were taught so much more. it is a school with a great community and especially an excellent community of believers. i built many relationships with students and professors that i know will be lifelong relationships. 

CCU has brought me and susie to be the people we are today. it taught us many things about being leaders in the church to being strong followers of the Gospel. 

susie and i continually put Christ at the center of our lives and that is the biggest thing we have learned that has brought us to where we are now. 

school is over, whats next?

at this point i am happy to say that we are continually praying for God's direction in a ministry that will be beneficial to us and His Kingdom. 

i pray that in this season of life that God will continue to teach us to follow His ways and build us up to be leaders in the church that are strong and will persevere through thick and thin. i pray that he teaches us how we can be faithful to Him and in love and truth and our actions pleasing to Him and share his love with those around us. 

..God has big plans, let's work together to follow them..


ive been very busy lately and not on the computer much. with the nicer weather that has been moving through the area occasionally i get a day to go outside and work. i spent many hours building a retaining rock wall in the back yard and cutting brush along with putting up lattice on our back fence to beautify our back yard. it has been a slow process but it is going to be well worth it! 

i love working out in the garden and landscaping our yard. it has been rough though with the record rains that we have had. in the month of april cincinnati set a new record for the amount of rainfall we had.. from 13.52" set in 1937 to almost 14 inches this year. may has continued to allow the rain to keep moving through the area. i have mowed the grass once this year and will be mowing again on thursday because the lack of dry days we have had. i have not had the chance to do anything in the vegetable garden yet.. everything is still indoors. my grass seed that i planted outside had to be replanted 3 times due to the wash out from the heavy rains. 

it has been nice working inside though and getting some things done in the house. 

other than the work at my house i have been putting in a lot of hours in at work as well so we may have some time to travel this summer. 

i love the flowers blooming in the spring time. soon i shall have some new pictures up of all the things i have been working on but here some some fun pics in the mean time. 

on a rainy day..

sip from a mug..read a book..

look..listen..watch the rain..


the time we spend weathering the inclement.. makes the sunny weather more anticipated. 

did i mention i am ready for sunny days to ride my motorcycle for long distances..

i continue to praise God day in and day out for this season of life He has given me.

..i am truly blessed..