Monday, April 2, 2012

..spring time..


it has been a wonderful spring other than my terrible allergies. i do not remember a year that was this bad taking allergy pills everyday but i am managing. i also do not remember a year where spring has come so soon. i was grilling out by february with shorts and t shirt some days.

march has been a wonderful month. i have enjoyed everyday going out into my backyard and doing something new. i had a huge list of projects to finish but they are starting to disappear quick before the hot weather comes. i hope that i can get more pictures up soon but some exciting things that i have been able to accomplish are building and finishing a privacy fence around my yard. building a rock wall. using my new rototiller to create new flower gardens and widen the yard for fresh grass. i planted pennington smart seed with fertilizer to try to get no weeds and a super lush yard. put in a hammock in the corner of my yard after long days of work. mulched the flower beds. these are just some of the projects i have done and more to come like a new patio and tilling my front slope for a tiered garden. i am also working on my garage to create more of a classy curb appeal.

somethings i am working on tonight include making cuttings. i love plants and think that landscaping and more plants can really make your house beautiful. i have a lot of perennials and herbs that i want to have more of so i am taking cuttings of stems to double and maybe triple some of my plants so i can have more and hopefully sell some at findlay market.

                  .chocolate mint. 

my friends love chocolate mint tea and constantly want me to make more so i had to do some cuttings this year so i can have enough for everyone

i have been busting my butt to get some projects in the backyard done and this was one of the surprises this year! susie got me a hammock for our 2nd anniversary. marriage just keeps getting better   

.love just coming home to a relaxing.quiet.peaceful.soothing.backyard.

..spring time..  

..special people..

it started october 2008 when i moved from dorm life to my own house. i bought a house i needed to do cosmetic work to and continue to spruce it up over time. my goal was to live in a neighborhood in price hill and be a light in the community. there are so many times we go to church across town or work on the other side of town or even shop on the other side of town and never talk to our neighbors.

i have been blessed with two special people in my neighborhood.

my next door neighbor has been a very special person in my life. barb is one of the most caring,loving,joyous people i know. she will go out her way to help you in anyway. she retired about 10 years ago and has lived in that house for about 8 years and takes great care of her cute little house with two dogs she loves to death. barb is originally from the country so she loves flowers and gardens and absolutely loves to be outside. this is something we have in common. i am always working in my yard which makes her want to come outside and work in her yard.

(barb would kill me if she knew i snapped these pics, she is very stubborn and i was trying to get her to let me mow her grass but she insisted to do it)

i see barb as such a special person because she always puts a smile on my face. she is like a grandmother to me and for sure my dog, scout. scout is spoiled by her, treats everyday and barb will watch her whenever we are in need. scout loves to go to grandma barbs to stay when we go away because she loves to wrestle with barb's dogs.

barb continues to be one of those special people that i love to talk to day in and day out. i try to help her each and everyway i can.

 i just love being her neighbor.

another special person in my life is another neighbor who has lived in the neighborhood for 42 years. her name is miss hazel. i never met miss hazel until about 6-8 months after living in my house and asking barb about who lives in that cute house down the street. it is a beautiful 2 story house with a red tin roof and a cute little porch on the front. it was spring time and i finally saw this sweet old lady sitting on her front porch just enjoying the weather. i asked barb about her and she told me some but everytime i go over there i learn more and more.

                                           .miss hazel.

i just love talking to miss hazel and helping her with anything she has to do around her house. she is 82 years old and lives by herself. her husband passed away 10 years ago and one of her sons tries to take care of her as much as he can. i have one word for her other than sweet... stubborn! she wants to constantly be doing things for herself but her age and poor eye sight limits her. everytime i am over there she gets discouraged she cannot do more but i tell her because she does so much she looks young for her age. i absolutely love her stories and the insight she gives me. im sure she gets lonely sometimes but when i go over there a smile appears on her face like the sun on a beautiful spring day. miss hazel is very special to me because she is so sweet and kind.

today i had the opportunity to go trim her hedges. it took me a little longer than usual because she was telling me a lot of stories. it was awesome to hear all of the exciting life stories today from her husband being in the war to her son running for sheriff and even her jobs at the hospital.

these two special people in my life continue to make my days on woodlawn ave because i get a joy visiting such good neighbors.

when you can reach out to your neighbors who knows you may have some special people like i do hiding in their cute little house full of stories

..special people..