Monday, April 2, 2012

..spring time..


it has been a wonderful spring other than my terrible allergies. i do not remember a year that was this bad taking allergy pills everyday but i am managing. i also do not remember a year where spring has come so soon. i was grilling out by february with shorts and t shirt some days.

march has been a wonderful month. i have enjoyed everyday going out into my backyard and doing something new. i had a huge list of projects to finish but they are starting to disappear quick before the hot weather comes. i hope that i can get more pictures up soon but some exciting things that i have been able to accomplish are building and finishing a privacy fence around my yard. building a rock wall. using my new rototiller to create new flower gardens and widen the yard for fresh grass. i planted pennington smart seed with fertilizer to try to get no weeds and a super lush yard. put in a hammock in the corner of my yard after long days of work. mulched the flower beds. these are just some of the projects i have done and more to come like a new patio and tilling my front slope for a tiered garden. i am also working on my garage to create more of a classy curb appeal.

somethings i am working on tonight include making cuttings. i love plants and think that landscaping and more plants can really make your house beautiful. i have a lot of perennials and herbs that i want to have more of so i am taking cuttings of stems to double and maybe triple some of my plants so i can have more and hopefully sell some at findlay market.

                  .chocolate mint. 

my friends love chocolate mint tea and constantly want me to make more so i had to do some cuttings this year so i can have enough for everyone

i have been busting my butt to get some projects in the backyard done and this was one of the surprises this year! susie got me a hammock for our 2nd anniversary. marriage just keeps getting better   

.love just coming home to a relaxing.quiet.peaceful.soothing.backyard.

..spring time..  

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