Tuesday, February 21, 2012

..Susie's birthday..

so i decided to be creative and try something new

i saw an idea of creating a "book lamp"

i went to a thrift store and searched for a lamp and some books.

my idea was to get some books that the author or title would line up with our names. i found two books right away with susanna and grace but could not find either of my names. the search was on, i almost got to the point where i was simply going to change my idea then i found the books.

i then headed home to play around with the ideas.

i got the drill out and a 1" bit to see if this plan would work.

after a few different ways of thinking how to put these books on the lamp i had to splice the cord and add them all on at once.

this was a fun project and am excited to see what others think.


i was really excited about the bulb because i love the vintage Edison bulb.

now all I want to do is a cool wire shade complete it.


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