Sunday, March 13, 2011


ahh.. back home from a wonderful vacation. so i took susie to maui,hawaii for our one year anniversary this past week.

it was such a great trip. i did not do a ton of planning because i was not sure what the flights would look like or which destination to really go to. at the last minute (the night before) i booked everything.

we flew out sunday night to los angeles and then on to maui. when we arrived we got our rental car with a sweet sunroof since i did not meet the age requirements for the convertible this year..? anyways we headed to our hotel.

we stayed in kihei, maui right on the beach! i dont think it could have got any more perfect. the flights were great, the car was sweet, and the hotel was right on the beach. 

the first day we were there we settled into our room and then took a walk on the beach. there was really no one on the beach so we had fun taking pictures of the beautiful landscape and of course each other being silly. 

it was around 6 pm when we decided to venture out to find a place to eat. now i am sure that you know when you travel you pick up like twenty brochures when you go to the hotel or people hand them to you along the way. so i opened up a brochure and found a nice easy place to eat called maui tacos. we were not starving at this point so we split a mango chicken taco salad and boy i am glad we split it! it was huge and we still had to take it back to the room to finish later. 

after eating we HAD to go to get hawaiian shaved ice. now this shaved ice is nothing like you have ever had before unless you have been to hawaii. it is literally shaved not crushed and has the most delicious flavor to it. the popular thing to do is get scoops of ice cream on the bottom them the shaved ice with all the flavors like blue vanilla. coconut. pineapple. then a little sweet cream to go on the top. needless to say we had shaved ice everyday we were there.

the next day we were thinking we were going to go up the mountain to haleakala or "house of the rising sun" volcano to see the sun rise. which everyone says is breathtaking 

to be honest. what isnt breathtaking in hawaii?

instead of getting up at 4 am hawaii time which is 9 am est. we slept in a little longer and decided to take the..road to hana..

the road to hana is a 50 mile road that leads to a town called hana. it takes about 3 hours to get there without stopping on the way to see the beautiful sights.

if that doesnt tell you anything about the roads then you can see for yourself. 

the roads are the most curvy. windy. most beautiful roads i have ever been on.

we left at 8 am and arrived back at the hotel by 6 pm that night going around the island on roads past hana...the road the rental companies tell you not to take.... was the best decision we could have made..

we found out that others are rebels like us going on the unpaved roads. and those who traveled on those roads found out the real beauty of maui

maui is full of cliffs.    


black sand beaches.

open fields. canyons. sugar cane.

pictures can only give a glimpse of what maui is really like. the end of the day we were beat..

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