Wednesday, March 30, 2011 adventure..

as i sit on the plane to Frankfurt Germany i feel my worries just disappear.

 i am reminded in Matthew 6:25 that i really should never worry but it is something i believe we all deal with. i just finished up a nice meal and am now sitting back to relax and it is especially nice in business elite class. my chair goes all the way back and I have the bose noise canceling headphones thanks to delta. there is just something about traveling on planes. you do not have any control. you can sit back and relax. you trust someone to take the lead. rest... i am constantly reminded of these things and how truly important rest is. actually a was just reading in usa today how people with the recommended amount of rest stay in better shape or are more disciplined at times.

i think about a lot of these things here and rest is really something i continue to look at more. this doesn't have to be more sleep but time away from busyness or constant running around.

 as i was getting ready to go for my trip today i was in a panic or in a state where the worry would not go away. i wanted to make sure i had everything. i had a hard time leaving Susie behind this time because is it so great traveling with her. but soon enough we will get back on plane to head somewhere else interesting.

worry..panic.. why?

now this is something that is hard to get over maybe when you are traveling especially when you are bad like me and wait to the last minute literally to pack.. but I want to think about these things more in our every day life.

worry seems to come maybe by a fear. fear that we are going to fail or not meet certain expectations. possibly forget something or be late for the plane in this case.  worry comes when we feel uneasy about something that we are going to do. i could tell you time and time again about how i have worried about something i had no control over. just like right now, i have no control over this aircraft. all i can do is sit back and relax and really enjoy the flight. i believe there are times where we must take the controls but even more often when we should sit back and ...listen..relax..enjoy the ride.

now when i think about a lot of this i am thinking about my daily walk with Christ. i want to be the best at what i do and continue serve and be more like Christ. there are way too many times that i try to put life's problems in my basket and carry all of the weight myself and steer the plane without any guidance or help. and when i do that ..worry.. i don't put my trust in Christ or ask for help and try to handle it all myself then wear myself out over and over again.

so as i sit back and relax i just continue to talk to Christ how i need to let him guide me more. as i say relax and let him take the wheel, there needs be an effort to call upon him for help and let him push the brakes and really control your life.

so today i am letting God take control while i sit back and listen.


..don't worry...


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