Thursday, March 3, 2011


wow! it seems just like yesterday...

susie and i first met in fall of 2007. the beginning of our story is very funny..

my sophomore year of college i loved to workout. play basketball. run. play cards.. i was heading back to my dorm room after an awesome pick up game of basketball. when i got a text from some friends asking to play some cards. 

i went to the hilltop coffee shop to play a card game called .peanuts. there were a bunch of us playing a game of cards. now since i was just getting back from playing basketball i was pretty thirsty. 

i went up to the barista at the bar and asked for an ice water. i came back a few minutes later to get a refill when a girl said something to me...

now let me fill you in a little bit.. i was dressed in a cut off sleeve t-shirt with shorts and a sweat band on..

okay now this girl is like. wow! that must be an intense game of cards you are playing.. i laughed and went back to play some cards.

when i got back to play cards i told all of my friends that a girl just hit on me and said that this must be an intense game of cards for me wearing what i was. we all laughed and then.. 

i told them to hurry up and help me finish this water so i could go get a refill. i went in quick and got a refill just to get a reaction. well i did and then she also said... o by the way. i wasnt flirting with you...i did catch her name though.

i went back to play cards that night and had a great time. after playing cards i went back to my dorm room where i got on facebook and checked out susies profile.

...that is where the story only begins!

 a couple weeks later we went to a large bonfire at this new kid in colleges house. my roommate and i hung out practically all the time and we met some cool people who were going to the bonfire.. so we thought we should go.. 

we had blast at the bonfire and a handful of us became really good
tom anderson..matt schlagheck..emily issacs.. we all started to hang out every chance we could get. for several months we would get tons of people to go and hang out with us but it seemed like the same five would always be apart of the large groups. as a few months rolled by i started to really fall for susie.. looks like we had the same feelings for each other..

this sunday we are celebrating our one year anniversary of being married! it has seriously been an amazing year with a pretty sweet journey we have been on. we have been able to travel a lot of fun places. work different jobs that have a lot of benefits from the ministry to cheap clothes and at delta airlines. we have experienced God so much in our first year of marriage. we have been blessed over and over again and continue to thank our families and God for such an awesome year. 

i honestly feel God has given me the perfect match. there is never a dull moment with each other.  we are adventurous. smart. lazy at times. fun. loving. caring. genuine. honest. faithful. & love God with all of our hearts!

..But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well...
                -matthew 6:33

... our love continues ...

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