Friday, February 25, 2011

..slowing down..

so i have enjoyed this month because i have been able to slow down a little bit. my mom would always tell me to not burn my candle at both ends and i had a hard time not doing that. through high school i was involved in everything i could get my hands on and then on into college i was working 30 hours a week while doing 18 credit hours many semesters. i was comfortable with my busy lifestyle and always being on the go but this past year has been a lot different.

 i have held down two consistent jobs for almost 65 hours a week for about a year now while just starting out this whole marriage thing. i want to be a responsible.loving.husband but it is kind of hard when i am always working and taking on more task. this year.2011. i have been able to take a closer look at where my priorities are and see where it aligns with where God wants them to be.

 i have been trying to take more of an initiative to focus on what God wants for susie and i specifically. it has been a great year being married but i want continue that and slow down some.

..susie and i have enjoyed some down time this month..
taking scout on walks to the park

..i personally have enjoyed playing around with more creative photography..

light art photography

i really enjoyed playing around with my camera again last night. i havent done light writing for a few years so i had a lot of fun playing around while susie watched greys anatomy..

light art photography is simply changing the f/stop and playing around with a flashlight while the cameras exposure is a lot longer.

..needless to say i had a lot of fun..

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