Wednesday, April 20, 2011

..these past couple weeks..

over the past few weeks i have enjoyed some spring cleaning. there have been a lot of things that susie and i have wanted to do around the house to make it more of a home but life has been very busy between my jobs and her schoolwork along with her work at Fossil as well. 

so we made out a plan and said what we wanted to do and things have been moving really swiftly. at the beginning of the month i saw a killer deal on a new refrigerator so i had to take advantage of the new samsung.side by side.led maker.water dispenser and two times as big! of course it was in the scratch and dent section but not at a place i would picture buy..

i enjoyed picking it out and getting it delivered because our stairs to climb would kill a normal man and it was free delivery and haul away which made us very happy. getting a new fridge is also part of our process of remodeling in the kitchen a little more to make it more up to date. we are adding a pantry in there and trying to make it more 2011. with the new paint and new floor last year this year we wanted to continue to add our touches.

so this week we had the refrigerator delivered and it is so much bigger and nicer and susie's favorite part is it will keep our ice cream completely frozen :)

some of the other projects we are undertaking is getting more pictures up in the house which is a lot of fun. we spent a whole afternoon cutting out mattes and framing some art that is vintage looking. we put up a new coat hanger in the entry way so that we do not have to hang our coats on chairs or others up in our closets. these are things that we have been talking about for a while but it was just finding the time to do it.

one of the bigger task that we are doing is going through each room and reorganizing each and everything. from clothes that we are donating to rearranging closets and moving dressers the task are kind of fun to think of things we used to wear and thought was trendy or cool. yep. you know what i am talking about the things we thought were cool. now it makes me want to go look at pictures of when we were young to just laugh and reminisce.

here are the pictures we cut mattes for and framed.

two of them went up in our living room.

more pictures to come soon.

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